martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016


I live in a small house, but nice and comfortable. It is one of those old houses with high ceilings and wooden beams. It is accessed directly from the street through a wrought iron gate. As soon as we open it we find a small hall where I have an old piece of furniture for umbrellas, sticks and hats, made of oak wood, I think it is, with turned slats and bas-reliefs of soldiers with medieval helmets. The dropper is zinc and has a small mirror worn in the center. I have it adorned, because I do not wear hats and umbrellas put them directly in a tubular umbrella that I bought in a Chinese shop, everything has to be said.After the lobby we entered a small living room and, after a small hallway with frescoes on the walls, I do not know who would paint, but who did it with style, we access the kitchen, bathroom and backyard. I love the patio; I must admit, in Madrid and in the XXI century living in a house with patio today is a luxury, which on the other hand I can not afford. The house is on two floors and the second is accessed by a wide staircase of old wood that leads to a landing with a window in the middle of the two rooms, one on the right, mine and another on the left, which I plan to rent .The house was rented for months by an old friend of the family to whom I have much affection and she believes me, or that I want to believe, but that does not forgive the rent at the end of the month, so I have decided to rent one of the two bedrooms. Both rooms are spacious and with balcony to the street. Looking at them you do not see much, a narrow and dark street. Of course, a house like this, even if it leads to an alleyway, today is very worthwhile.I have posted an advertisement on the internet: "ROOM FOR SHARED HOUSE, WITH RIGHT TO KITCHEN, INTERESTED BY MESSAGE BY EMAIL. CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE COMMUNICATED BY PRIVATE. THE RENTAL IS NOT VERY HIGH. PREFERENTLY STUDENTS. "I have received quite a few messages among which I have made a pre-selection to which I have sent my mobile number.The first call was from one who told me that he had left his boyfriend's house and that he urgently needed a room where they would let him live with his dog, a German bulldog, according to him, very beautiful and I would love ......... I have I said no, I regret it, I do not want shit at home. I already had one whose name I do not want to wake up.The second, a cosmetics commercial, that was going to be a few months in Madrid and looking for room with a right to kitchen, I said that very well, but that the right to cooking meant that he could cook his food and that after cooking, he would have They leave the kitchen clean. He has not called again.So here I am a Sunday, with a sun that breaks the stones and thinking that I would love to go to the pool of the Lake of La Casa de Campo, waiting for one who seems a good candidate. With a bad mood that I spend, I can not stand my mother and here, like an asshole waiting for the imbecile who will see the room and that surely tells me that he will think.You can read the full story in AMAZON

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