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Benidorm is a British sitcom written by Derren Litten and produced by Tiger Aspect for ITV. The series features an ensemble cast of holiday makers and staff at the Solana all-inclusive hotel in Benidorm, Spain.
The show first aired on 1 February 2007. Critically acclaimed, Benidorm has received two National Television Awards[and nominations at the British Comedy Awards and BAFTAs.
Benidorm has currently aired nine series, with the latest from 1 March until 3 May 2017. A tenth series commenced filming in March 2017.
On 31 July 2017, writer Derren Litten confirmed that he is due to begin writing a stage adaption of the show, and the production of an eleventh series is not in progress yet.
A new family was added to the show at this point. The Dykes, a lively family from Watford, consist of father Clive (Perry Benson) firmly under the thumb of his no nonsense wife Tonya (Hannah Waddingham) - both bring their son Tiger (Danny Walters) with them, and further in the series, their daughter Bianca (Bel Powley) shows up, claiming that her rich boyfriend dumped her while they were holidaying in the Maldives. Both Tiger and Bianca are young, single and looking for fun. Returning to enjoy the newly announced four-star hotel treatment are Mick and Janice Garvey, with acid-tongued Madge not far behind. The Garveys also brought Michael, their son, with them again, who has now grown into an adventurous teenager. With Michael and Tiger off on trouble-making adventures around the resort, it isn't long before the Dykes and the Garveys begin to argue.

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